A Year in the Garden of the Royal College of Physicians

by Dr Henry Oakeley

A5, softback, 120 pages
ISBN: 978-1-86016-451-4
Revised edition: 2011

The medicinal garden of the Royal College of Physicians contains over 1,000 different plants that are used, or have been used, in medicine during the past two millennia, and ones that commemorate physicians. This garden journal sets out some of the plants, as they flower, week by week, through the seasons, with a commentary on their uses, past and present, with space for your diary notes through the year. It is beautifully illustrated with 60 full-colour photographs from the College garden.

The College garden is not a garden set out to be merely decorative; its fascination lies in its plants, in their uses and their dangers, the history and the folklore surrounding them, and even in their names and the influence they have had on the English language

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